Drupal gets portable

March 28, 2008

After mentioning the power of Drupal for more advanced content management and publication, Peter Wilson kindly shared this article with me. It gives clear and simple instructions for implementing Drupal using XAMPP, that makes it easy to go portable…

Installing Drupal to a USB Key | groups.drupal.org


Compontents of the world’s smallest blogoshpere

March 13, 2008

PortableApps – the shell from which the storage medium comes to life
XAMPP – hosts your web and data services whether or not you’re online
FireFox – extensible browser – your internal and external research interface
VLC – (musical entertainment) “whistle” while you work
Thunderbird – your communication interface, for inbound and outbound email and inbound feeds, for times when you you want your MYcroBlog to dock on to a MotherBlog, or to access the Blogosphere (=Matrix?)
XXXXXX – how do we publish outbound feeds direct from a local source?
?mapping? – structural overviews
WordPress – blog hosting system

FireFox extensions
Editing tools – online and offline
ScribeFire – blog entries
Komposer / FCKedit – HTML wysiwyg
FireFTP – file transfer client